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Digest This! Workshop

Digest This! Workshop

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In Ayurveda, digestion is a BIG DEAL & is considered the root cause of all physical imbalances.

That’s a pretty bold statement if you really think about it. Digestion becomes the common denominator in ALL physical ailments. Because all bodies are different, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to health isn’t equitable. Some of the “healthy habits” you have been implementing, might actually be counterproductive to who your digestive system is.

By focusing on this foundation of our personal health, we are able to witness the power of our body’s ability to heal itself. Most of the time we just have to get out of our own way. This becomes a process of unlearning habits and comforts around food but also learning new ways to connect & observe your own body. 

This isn’t your fad-diet-starve-yourself-type of workshop. This knowledge is rooted in Ayurvedic science, like a wise old grandma coming to the table to drop some ancient, deep wisdom on your ass.

Digest This! is an online, 4-week workshop to feed you all the tools you need to understand the deeper role of digestion in your healing.

Zoom Class Dates: 
Sunday, January 23rd @4PM PST/7PM EST
Sunday, January 30th @4PM PST/7PM EST
Sunday, February 6th @4PM PST/7PM EST
Sunday, February 13th @4PM PST/7PM EST


  • After purchase of the workshop, you will be provided an intake form to assess your interests, ailments, and your Ayurvedic Body Type, known as a Dosha. 
  • Your herbal formula, based on your Dosha, will be mailed to you to use over the 4 weeks.
  • Each week you will be sent a PDF with the topics of the week, journal prompts, & visuals to help with reflection and learning. 

Please enter your shipping information at checkout so I know where to send your digestive formula.

I am really looking forward to creating this community with you all and am honored to be a part of your healing journey!