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Teas Infused with Rest, Ritual, & Resiliency

to bring balance in an anxious world.

Ancient Ayurvedic Tea Blends for the Modern World

Each tea blend is rooted in Ayurvedic foundations to bring you closer to health with the wisdom of traditional medicine.

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Take your healing into your own hands

Nervous System Teas

Teas to combat overstimulation, burn out, fatigue, insomnia & anxiety.

Nervous System

Digestive System Teas

Teas that help the body digest & assimilate nutrients. Used when you may have gas, bloat, constipation & stomach aches.

Digestive System

Reproductive System Teas

Teas for people with wombs to assist their monthly cycles. Helps with cramps, PMS & hormonal imbalances.

Reproductive System

Immune System

Teas to prevent and combat illness while boosting your immune health!


Organic & Sustainable

Anna's Tea commits to organic ingredients and eco sourcing.
From our packaging to our herbs, we take every step to choose the most sustainable sources who prioritize the environment's health.

Learn more about our Ethics & Standards

Anna - wanted to say THANK YOU for this fantastic tea!! Was super helpful over the past few weeks as the worries of the CA fires were occupying my mind. Gave me a little more space to relax, a little more mental bandwidth. Thank you so much!!

Matt H.

Got that Gutsy going after work today to soothe my tummy ache…it’s so good! I love the spiced flavor and it did wonders for me!!

Daphne M.

When I’m overwhelmed or anxious, Day Time Groove always brings me down a notch. Not only is the herb blend on point, I LOVE the ritual of slowing down, making tea, and taking time to drink it. The whole experience allows me to get out of my head and back into my body. Thank you Anna!!

Breanna M.