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Heavy Heart Elixir

Heavy Heart Elixir

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For heartbreak, grief, & those heavier times. Use this elixir to lighten the heart space & help you feel & release pain. 

Made with
Hawthorne: opens the heart to forgiveness of self and others, calms a nervous & irritable heart

Mullein: Did you know grief is held in the lungs? This plant supports and tones the lungs, to give you the strength to let go. Helps you develop your inner voice & conscience

Oregon Grape*: Helps foster feelings of trust in relation to others, builds strength & endurance within the physical body

California Poppy*: allows you to turn inward to find love, helps clear feelings of escapism and creates an inner development and connection to the heart without outside influences

Local Honey: (Carrier & preservative) builds ojas (vitality & resilience in the body), drives the herbal medicine deeper into the tissues of the body

*Tinctures are made with brandy

This Elixir is contraindicated during pregnancy.

1 oz.